Cloud Hosted PABX Service

A virtual PABX – a powerul and highly advanced cloud-based phone solutions – offers many of the same features and benefits of a traditional PABX, at a fraction of the cost. A PABX for all your offices, locations, and off-site staff members and agents. No hardware at your facility – it’s all virtual – so you don’t do maintenance or updates.

Affordable and Reliable Business Phone Systems

TauMobility Aegina® allows your employees to focus on your core business. TauMobility eliminates the risks and costs associated with owning and maintaining on-premises PABX. Aegina assures a secure environment with redundancy and scalability. As an enhanced hosted PABX Solution, Aegina gives your admin the choice to handle end-user settings. TauMobility also allows you to instruct end users on how to handle their own settings. Features such as call forwarding and call recording retrieval are available to end-users through a web-based interface. Aegina gives the mobile work force flexibility. It also provides control of their extension anywhere they can access the web.


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