Gogo Mongo

Introduction to Gogo Mongo....
The Go Go Mongo! game encourages kids to teach Mongo, the happy-go-lucky somewhat distractible main character, how to make healthier eating choices. Currently available for the iOS platform in lite (FREE) and full ($0.99) versions, the game consists of four fun, colorful landscapes and forty exciting levels filled with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat products. Go Go Mongo! was designed with the idea that "keeping it simple" is often a more effective learning environment for young children. The current version is appropriate for ages one to three years.

Mongo is a curious creature born from the imaginations of over one hundred children, whose feedback and observations contributed to his development. Drawing inspiration from the claymation cartoon, Pengu, Mongo is a "silent character" whose personality is elicited through a somewhat goofy, happy-go-lucky disposition that can be observed throughout the game as he moves back and forth, often getting distracted by the stars in the sky. Naturally attracted to sugary foods, the objective for the players is to help Mongo avoid these foods and instead choose fruits and vegetables.

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